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February 16, 2022

GIIS East Coast Campus Students dived into the World of Coding 

In conjunction with our Global Student Exchange Program as well as in our ongoing efforts to nurture the young minds to excel as creative thinkers in the digital age, our GIIS East Coast Campus, Singapore, Grade 5 students collaborated with students from our GIIS Bannerghatta and Balewadi campuses during "The Young Scratch Programmer" virtual event.

The event offered our students a holistic learning experience by introducing them to the world of coding while developing their fundamental problem-solving skills by using the Scratch Program to create and present stories based on the theme "Code4Fun."

Congratulations to all participating teams!

1st Place: Team Ecovengers - GIIS Bannerghatta, Bangalore, India.

2nd Place: Team Ultra Universal - GIIS East Coast, Singapore and Team Brainy Bunch - GIIS Balewadi, Pune, India.

3rd Place: Team Scratch Heroes - GIIS East Coast, Singapore.

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