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January 14, 2020

Grade 3 celebrates 'Joy of Giving' Week

The 'Joy of Giving' week at Global Indian International School, Whitefield, Bangalore was wonderfully hosted by Grade 3 of the Primary segment. This was a thoughtful gesture by the students as part of iCare activity and the teachers to showcase their respect and gratitude for the entire house-keeping and support staff of the school.

They arranged for a sumptuous breakfast for all the helping hands of the school who are the pride of the school, who ensure that the school is clean and tidy all the time, who help teachers in taking care of the students and who always have a smile on their face whenever any work is assigned to them.

The remarkable aspect about this gesture was that students had earned the amount for buying the breakfast, from the 'Money Matters' activity conducted in the previous month. This again was an excellent entrepreneurship training activity for the students where they were given the right foundation as young entrepreneurs of the future. The various stages like business planning, costing and budget, logistics and infrastructure were the factors discussed prior to setting up the food stalls.

After the event, as a goodwill gesture and a way of thanks-giving, the students used the profits for a noble gratitude gesture in December with the Joy of Giving initiative. The young entrepreneurs surprised all the house-keeping and support staff of GIIS, Whitefield with the special breakfast. So these children learned the art of doing business and also appreciate the people who help them in school by investing the entire amount towards spreading happiness among the staff. The idea was to sensitize the students of Grade 3 on virtues of empathy, compassion and sharing joy alongside knowing how to become good entrepreneurs. The students of GIIS are best taken care and the house keeping staff ensure that they maintain a clean and hygiene centric environment all the time. The Grade 3 students also celebrated the spirit of appreciation by presenting a lovely 'Thank You' card to all the support & house-keeping staff in order to express their sincere gratitude for their care in school and they were very emotional to receive the cards from the students with love.

The 'Joy of Giving' week was a wonderful idea to inculcate the habit of appreciation for people around us and also to thank everyone who help us in many ways in our everyday life. It is great to see that the attributes of empathy and gratitude been instilled in GIIS students in their young age along with helping them develop good entrepreneurship skills.

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