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December 23, 2021

GIIS Whitefield’s Girls stand out at the Al-Tasamu competition, impress everyone with their prodigious musical talent

Global Indian International School has returned with its annual, virtual, interschool competition- Al-Tasamuh, which provides students with exciting opportunities to explore their talents and helps them connect with a diverse group of participants. This year’s event was dedicated to Humanity and Tolerance and all the competitions were designed taking this theme into account. The concurrent 20th-anniversary celebrations of the Global Schools Foundation quadrupled the excitement for this year’s Al-Tasamuh and students participated in all the competitions with immeasurable ardor.

Two of our students- Rida Syed from Grade 5B and Jayani Suresh from Grade 7D made us extremely proud by securing positions in one of the many competitions held at Al-Tasamuh. Both of these students bagged 1st and 2nd positions in the “Beyond The Voice” competition under Junior and Senior categories respectively. This music competition was divided into 3 segments with different topics, all of which ultimately connected with the main theme- Humanity and Tolerance. Students not only got the chance to showcase their unique talents but were also imbibed with the ideals that would help them spread peace and harmony in the world.

Rida Syed is 10 years old and has already achieved many milestones in her journey of mastering different art forms. In other words, she is a powerhouse of talents and when not studying, she could be seen humming her favorite tunes or sharpening her other artistic skills. Her father likes to call their family a “musical family” and both the parents help Rida record videos for her YouTube channel. 

When asked about her achievement at Al-Tasamu, she says- “…I want to express my gratitude more to my teachers and the school for giving me an extra push.  My teachers have helped me achieve many goals in the past like winning GIIS Scholar Award, Abhvekti enthusiastic speaker award, GIIS Green Warrior Award, Math Proficiency Test, etc. For me, fine arts and music have always had a special place in my heart and I want to follow these two competencies to achieve bigger feats in the future.”

Talking about her future plans, she further says- “…Winning Al-Tasamu is a stepping stone for my future as a musician. I’m learning the keyboard now and plan to take professional training in Carnatic and Hindustani music. This achievement has encouraged me to take the next important step. Since I’m also interested in fine arts, I plan on continuing my training.”  Rida has already completed Aadya and Madhya certifications in fine arts.

Now, coming to our next achiever- Jayani Suresh.  She is a great student and a gifted singer. Her mannerism and etiquette are praised by all her teachers and she tends to draw everyone’s attention with her bright smile and cheerful personality. Jayani loves to participate in extracurricular activities and never fails to impress people with her incredible talents.

Talking about her win at Al-Tasamu, Jayani says- “….Music has always been the best way for me to express how I feel. I loved singing since I was small and want to make this world a better place through music and art. I’m very happy to have secured 2nd position in this competition and can’t wait to participate the next year.”

Both these girls have proved once again that talent knows no bounds. We wish both Rida and Jayani all the best for their future and congratulate them on the wins. We are proud of you champs, keep it up!

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