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January 30, 2023

GIIS Whitefield Students Celebrates Annual Day With an “Echo Earth Calling” Theme.

GIIS Whitfield celebrated its annual day on January 28, 2023. It was a grand affair with students showcasing their talents in various performances centered around the theme of “Echo Earth Calling”. The school campus was crowded with parents, teachers, and staff to witness students’ skills and creativity.


The event unfolded with the lighting of the lamp. The stunning welcome dance “Bharatnatyam”  by the talented students won the hearts of the audience followed by the progressive annual report that was presented by Principal Ashwani Kumar Saxena. This was followed by the choir by Ranveer (6th grade), Ishan, and Aradhana from 7th grade.


The themed show of talent, imagination, and organization was the essence of the evening. The event witnessed students putting up impressive performances, including various dances, mimes, choir, group songs, and a play, all of which carried the message of protecting the environment. The audience, consisting of proud parents, was thoroughly entertained by the exceptional display of creativity and talent.


The event demonstrated support for environmental protection and reflected the glory of mother earth. Annual Day highlighted the importance of harmony and nature. The value of coexistence between humanity and nature was depicted through various acts. The significance of the five elements and their importance for the existence of life was portrayed uniquely.


Ms. Ashima, the academic coordinator of 6 to 8 grades delivered the vote of thanks and expressed gratitude to everyone who made the event a great success. The annual day event concluded with National Anthem. The parents who had come in large numbers to see their children perform were awestruck to witness a fine display of talents and presentation skills.


The annual day celebration was a fitting tribute to the school’s commitment to creating a greener and more sustainable world. The student’s performances and the eco-friendly theme of the event left a lasting impression on everyone present.

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