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September 25, 2021

20 years of Global Schools Foundation:  An event highlighting the incredible Indian heritage

When it comes to celebration, GIIS Whitefield knows exactly how to do it and steal the spotlight. The 20th GSF anniversary was one such mesmerizing event where the parents, teachers and students came together to commemorate the glorious years of the GSF legacy and left everyone spellbound.

The programme commenced with the red carpet rolling out and lamp lighting ceremony by our beloved Principal sir-  Ashwani Kumar Saxena, Head Mistress- Mrs. Preetha D Mello, Primary Academic Coordinator- Mrs. Jeelu Varghese and Secondary & Senior Secondary Academic Coordinator- Mrs. Gunjan Gupta. After a graceful welcome dance by our young stars, Mr Atul Temurnikar, the Chairman of GSF delivered a kind message to the attendees. In the address, he thanked all the GIIS faculty, students and parents for their never-ending support towards the organisation and put forth the vision of GIIS which is to walk on the path of sustainable development and build an environment where students can become “Green warriors”. Mr Rajeev Katyal, the Deputy COO of GIIS recalled the earlier days of the school in his speech and highlighted the development of the campus in the past years. He also explained how the green SMART campus of the GIIS helps in the all-rounder development of students and provided a brief record of accomplishments that re-energised the spirit of all the attendees. The event proceeded with a magical kathak dance performance by our child prodigy- Aral Aggarwal which rendered everyone speechless and took the mood of festivity to another level.

“….teachers are the pillars of our school….”, such were the warm words of our principal who appreciated the efforts of teachers and management in moulding the fragile minds and wished boundless success to the GIIS community. In unprecedented times like today when the pandemic has taken the world by storm, our young achiever - Shifa Ali, recited a piece of her own published poetry which related to the emotions of everyone and proffered a ray of sunshine. Following a captivating musical performance by Shaurya and Parvathi, the GIIS alumni of 2020-2021 expressed their gratitude towards the teachers and thanked GIIS for providing them with incomparable amenities and assistance in all fields of education which has played an essential role in paving their future path. Deputy CEO, Mr Kaustubh Bodhankar congratulated everyone for achieving 20 year GSF milestone and conveyed an encouraging message which set a zealous tone for all the upcoming GIIS endeavours.

GIIS Whitefield takes pride in being one of the most transparent schools in India that appreciates the views of all the stakeholders associated with it and the same conviction was reflected in the next segment where parents provided their valuable feedback and applauded GIIS’s contribution in shaping their children's future.  Mr Rajiv Bansal, Director-Operations,GIIS India threw light upon the global nature of GIIS organisation and expounded upon the agility of its tech infrastructure that has passed the test of pandemic with flying colours. Next in line was a quiz which was participated and enjoyed fervently by many parents. The “Unity in Diversity” dance performance showcased folk dances of different states of India and delivered a message of integrity, harmony and togetherness despite the individual differences which is one of the fundamental ideologies of GIIS. The incredible India segment was filled with glimpses of various cultures which were elegantly depicted by our students who were undoubtedly the stars of the event. Their talent and charisma reached every heart and made the occasion unforgettable. Parents and teachers were no less in captivating our eyes and their dance on groovy Gujrati beats was absolutely phenomenal. Mrs. Preetha led the show towards the end laying a roadmap for the way forward and thanking all the attendees for their precious presence.

The grand GSF ceremony was an emotional roller-coaster ride for everyone and incorporated exceptional festive verve marking a huge success for the GIIS Whitefield family and promising ceaseless celebrations in the upcoming years.

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