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February 26, 2021

GIIS Whitefield wins the esteemed GOLD Award in the Overall PROMISE V2 2020 score by GCEE

GIIS Whitefield has achieved GOLD Award in the Overall PROMISE V2 2020 score for an assurance to continue the excellence journey with Centre for Excellence in Education (GCEE).

 The Global Schools Foundation (GSF) has never stopped maintaining the highest standards in all aspects of education at schools that are a part of this foundation. Performance-Oriented Management and Information System for Education (PROMISE), an award-winning measurement tool for measuring organisational performance, was created in 2009 by Global Centre for Excellence in Education (GCEE), a dedicated team at GSF, that foresees quality management not only in the area of academics but other aspects of school as well.

When the school is upgrading its scale and scope to achieve higher standards of education, then the tool for monitoring and measuring the performance also needs to be updated. PROMISE V1 which was earlier only implemented in Singapore evolved into its latest edition PROMISE V2.

 The overall GOLD award was on the basis of parameters like finance and business focus, customer focus, process and innovation, business excellence, health, safety, environment and society, and people management. GIIS Whitefield won this award due to the continuous innovation and implementation of best practices and perseverance to excel in the journey of education.

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