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August 29, 2022

SMART Campus students exhibit high spirit participating in Annual Sports Day 2022


The much-awaited Annual Sports Day for GIIS SMART Campus was organised on August 20, 2022, which gave the sports enthusiasts at the school an ideal platform to showcase their excellence in various sports. The day-long event saw students from different grade levels exhibiting their athletic spirit and participating in numerous team-building exercises. 


Singapore National Athlete, Mr Haja Fayiz graced the event as the Chief Guest and was impressed by the energy and the skills displayed by the students. 


The students put up an impressive feat competing individually and in teams competing against each other representing their houses in events such as March past, yoga, gymnastics, pyramids and cheerleading, and track and field events. 


The event came to an end with the winners being awarded with medals and trophies. The Sunflower House was declared as the overall champion and Orchid House as runners-up. Chrysanthemum House emerged as champion in the March past category. 


Events like these truly depict how GIIS encourages its students to explore their talent in different areas and grow beyond classroom learning. The annual sports day is a perfect embodiment of the GIIS 9GEMS pedagogy that emphasises on excellence in sports as a major part of holistic development in students. 


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