January 03, 2019

GSF cofounder, patron Dr Justice C S Dharmadhikari passes away

SINGAPORE, 3 JANUARY, 2019: Cofounder and patron of Global Schools Foundation, Dr Justice C S Dharmadhikari, passed away in Nagpur last night, marking the end of an era for the institution who benefitted from his ideas and expertise for the past 16 years. He was 91. 

Dr Justice Dharmadhikari suffered a heart attack and brain stroke on December 29 and 30, and was admitted to the hospital in Nagpur. He passed away peacefully at 1:00 am (IST). His last rites were performed in Nagpur which was attended by members of the judiciary including honourable judges, members of various Gandhian organisations, family, close friends and members of the public. He was given the 21-gun salute by the Maharashtra Police.

"We have lost a beacon of hope and progress in the education sector," GIIS Chairman Atul Temurnikar said, paying tribute to the veteran judge and educationist. "Justice Ji’s demise will create a deep void for the Global Schools Foundation which has constantly thrived on the ideas and value system propounded by the stalwart Gandhian," he said. 

Mr Temurnikar also added that Justice Ji will always continue to "be in our hearts and we shall always put in our best efforts to infuse our students with Gandhian Values upheld by him.”

A freedom fighter and avid Gandhian, Dr Justice Dharmadhikari was the former chief justice of Bombay High Court. He authored several books in various languages, and was a social reformer and path-breaking educationist of repute.

GIIS had a strong and old association with Justice Ji, who was one of the co-founders of the school. His philosophy and ideas of universal values formed the core of most GIIS initiatives. Under his visionary leadership, GIIS spearheaded the Universal Values Programme that made Gandhian thoughts and values accessible to students with exciting lesson plans and hands-on activities.

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