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Melissa Maria
Melissa Maria September 27, 2019

GIIS - A Pioneer school for CBSE in Singapore

The CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education, India) is an internationally recognised K-12 curriculum that has been preparing young people for admittance to universities around the world for over 50 years, and Global Indian International Schools (GIIS), Singapore, has been prominently recognised as an education leader, awarding CBSE certificates for over 18 years to more than 200,000 students across seven countries. 

GIIS maintains its position as an education leader by adapting with the times, providing exceptional, comprehensive education using the latest available technology in education. 

CBSE education is a student-centred pedagogy that ensures quality education through on-going evaluation. GIIS uses the spiral learning method: information is introduced and continuously reinforced throughout the course through repetition and application to various subjects to ensure a meaningful acquisition of knowledge and skills. Facilities like digital classrooms and skill-based studios are designed to facilitate and enhance the learning environment. 

How is the CBSE at GIIS a robust programme?

The school provides a challenging yet enjoyable learning experience through customisable platforms that have revolutionised education. With the help of deep-machine learning and platforms such as Direct Assessment and PAL (personalised adaptive learning), the school is able to curate student-centred, CBSE-approved, customised curricula to engage and challenge todays students. 

GIIS believes that the purpose of education is to prepare the growing minds to think creatively and innovatively, and thus the school integrates a comprehensive approach to academics through the 9GEMS, an award-winning educational framework that focusses on academic excellence, athletics, visual and performing arts, personality development courses, innovation and creativity, entrepreneurship and leadership, skill development, community and care, as well as universal values and ethics. With these 9GEMS, the school fuses the best of Eastern and Western educational programmes into an enriching, holistic experience that prepares the students for the future. Watch this video to experience a CBSE classroom at GIIS.

As part of our CBSE Science Programme, the school hosts design workshops to challenge students to explore, innovate and prototype solutions (STITCH) and to learn how to operate, programme and build their own robots. These fun and engaging workshops instil future-fluent skills in students.

Behind the success of CBSE Programme at GIIS, there is a bunch of seasoned and experienced teachers who hold a Bachelors Degree in Education and implement transformative educational programmes. 

The teachers regularly participate in capacity building programmes offered by the CBSE and an experienced Academic Supervisor oversees the curriculum and ensures that the student can make most out of the curriculum. CBSE programme at Global Indian International School is consistently exceeding student and parent expectations for excellence in education. Click here to know more about the CBSE Programme at GIIS.

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