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October 19, 2018

Bangkok campus students visit orphanage as tribute to Mahatma Gandhi


BANGKOK, 11 OCT, 2018: Students of GIIS Bangkok campus paid a visit to an orphanage for community service and made donations, as a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, whose 150th birth anniversary is being observed for the next one year.

The school visited Home for Disabled Babies (Bann Fuengfah) Nonthaburi Thailand, and donated resources for a common righteous cause to contribute to the orphanage in the form of cash, food accessories and other items of daily usage.

As a part of the policy and practice, GIIS Thailand organized social service visits which are planned to sensitize the children towards the lesser fortunate in the society. 

The goal was to create awareness in students to protect the underprivileged and provide basic needs in an institutionalized setting.

After spending morning session together and getting to know each other, the bidding farewell to the kids was the hardest for our students and facilitators as the event had managed to strike the right chord within the hearts of all. 

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