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February 17, 2024

GIIS Tokyo's Little Champions Shine on Sports Day

GIIS Tokyo's recent GMP Sports Day happened on February 17th, 2024, and the excitement was palpable as the entire school community gathered to cheer on our little athletes. Clad in their adorable sports uniforms, our tiny tots stole the show as they showcased their talents on the track and field.

The day unfolded amidst perfect weather conditions, setting the stage for what would be hailed as the "best sports day ever!" Students of all ages enthusiastically participated, demonstrating exceptional sportsmanship and embodying the values cherished by our school.

The morning session commenced with the traditional lighting of the Torch, followed by the spirited March past, engaging drills, and interactive parent programs. Class-wise races added to the thrill, with each child giving their best and shining bright in the spotlight.

From playful activities with parents to friendly races with classmates, every moment was filled with giggles and high-fives, highlighting the day's essence of friendship and teamwork.

Amidst the fun, there were standout performances that left everyone in awe. Students and staff alike showcased their talents, emphasizing the spirit of encouragement and support that defines GIIS Tokyo.

The joyous faces of the overall winning children, adorned with medals and posing proudly for pictures, captured the essence of the day. It was a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved, from students to staff, who contributed to making this day a resounding success.

In every snapshot captured, you can see the happiness and excitement that made this day truly special. GIIS Tokyo isn't just a school; it's a place where little hearts learn to soar, one joyful moment at a time. As we look back on this memorable event, we are reminded of the power of unity, sportsmanship, and camaraderie that permeate our school's ethos. GIIS Tokyo continues to be a beacon of excellence, where every achievement, big or small, is celebrated with utmost pride and joy.

GIIS Tokyo Communications

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