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July 12, 2021

Tokyo students become 'Teachers for a day'

Students in Grade 8A CBSE exchanged their role with the facilitator in the English class and came up with wonderfully planned Student-led class. The children were divided into groups and each group was assigned with a topic (lessons from the book). They were assigned with the responsibility of taking up the class explaining the lesson adopting different interactive methodologies like presentation, role play and interactive classroom teaching. They were given time to brainstorm and plan the method by which they will be conducting the class.


The ever-inquisitive learners took this opportunity to exhibit their knack for exploring and showcasing their creative skills. While the topics were different for each group, the theme of the project was: Nurturing Nature. Each group took 20-25 minutes to conduct a class based on their topic. The students discussed and planned about their presentation not only during the class time, but also, after school hours through different means like attending zoom calls and working on the shared files.


The project is a part of Internal Assessment and was designed with the objective of adapting the Experiential Learning, a strategy followed by CBSE curriculum. It was designed with the aim of providing the children with scope for self-learning and enhancing the much needed 21st century skills- creative and critical thinking and expressing one’s views confidently. Building up the strength of being a team worker is always implied when a group activity is assigned in a class. Each child presenting itself with the best of its ability and enjoying the responsibility entrusted is the reward of the facilitator encouraging more such endeavours. After the project was carried out with successful fervour, the facilitator shared the feedback with each child as a constructive method of encouraging and guiding the child to better performance.

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