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September 20, 2023

GIIS Tokyo students Shines Bright in the Tsundoku: A Treasure of Tales Writing Contest

In an exhilarating event on Tuesday, 19th September, the GIIS Tokyo Nishi-Kasai campus proudly announced the exceptional winners of the Tsundoku: A Treasure of Tales Writing Contest.

This competition, organized at the campus level, showcased the incredible talent and creativity of our students, making it a momentous occasion for all. With fierce competition in three categories - 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, we were thrilled to unveil the names of our top achievers. These nine talented students have not only earned well-deserved recognition but have also secured their spots in the next thrilling phase of the contest.

The winners from each category are as follows:

Classes 4 to 5-

1st Place: Indrakshi Singh CBSE 5B

2nd Place: Eaint Thet Mhuu Khin CBSE 4A

3rd Place: G.P. Ashwatch CBSE 5B

Classes 6 to 8

1st Place: Abhilasha Paul CBSE 7B

2nd Place: Alliyah Rao CBSE 7A

3rd Place: Dahye Choi CBSE 6B

Classes 9 to 12

1st Place: Aarushi Sali CBSE 10A

2nd Place: Saanvi Roshan Shetty CBSE 9A

3rd Place: Pulkit Singh Chauhan CBSE 11A

Their outstanding contributions have earned them a ticket to the global stage of the competition, where they will represent the Nishi-Kasai campus and vie for the top honours. This international leg of the contest will witness a showdown of talents from 18 GIIS campuses worldwide, bringing together 140 students who share a passion for the written word.

The global results of this prestigious contest will be unveiled during the first week of December, a highly anticipated moment that coincides with the grand celebration of GIIS Tokyo Book Week. As our Nishi-Kasai winners prepare to embark on this exciting journey, they carry with them the hopes and best wishes of our entire GIIS community.

Their journey through the Tsundoku: A Treasure of Tales Writing Contest serves as a testament to the commitment, dedication, and exceptional literary talents that flourish within the GIIS family. We eagerly await the global results and have every confidence that our Nishi-Kasai representatives will continue to make us proud on the international stage.

Stay tuned for updates on their progress and the grand finale during GIIS Tokyo Book Week. Until then, let's celebrate the remarkable achievements of our Nishi-Kasai campus winners and wish them the very best in their quest for global recognition.


GIIS Tokyo Communications 

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