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December 07, 2023

GIIS Tokyo Excels at RWCC 2023, Fostering Excellence, Hope, and Collaboration

RWCC (Real World Challenges Convention) is a unique inter-school competition that unites students from various GSF (Global Schools Foundation) institutions. Featuring a wide range of engaging events like Quality Circle, Opus for Rise, Little Mavericks, Adzapp, Perspective Matters, Live It Click It, Business Plan Creation, and Appnovation etc.  RWCC goes beyond traditional academics to encourage collaborative problem-solving and critical thinking.

This year the theme of the event is HOPE 2030 – Heralding Opportunity Possibility Equality for a Greener Safer Happier World. More than 800 students, parents and academic leaders participated in 16 competitions held as a part of RWCC 2023 and 500+ students participated in RWCC sports this year. There were participants from GIIS Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ahmedabad, Balewadi, Whitefield, Bannerghatta, East Coast, Hadapsar, Kuala Lumpur, Noida, SMART Campus, Tokyo, and GSF schools – OWIS, Vikaasa, Glendale, Witty, CIS Manila and DIS Manila. 

The RWCC has been a platform for GIIS Tokyo's students and educators to demonstrate their outstanding abilities across a range of events. 

Here are some remarkable highlights from GIIS Tokyo's Participation:

  • In the Quality Circle presentations, our students showcased their problem-solving skills and teamwork, earning accolades for GIIS Tokyo. They secured the 3rd prize in the Middle School category and an impressive 2nd position in the Secondary Category, making our school proud.
  • Ms. Madhu Khanna, Principal of GIIS Tokyo, stood out by clinching the 3rd position in the Wellness Wave competition. Her paper, focused on the mental wellbeing of all stakeholders, emphasized the importance we place on the holistic development of our students and staff.
  • The Business Plan Creation competition was a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation at GIIS Tokyo. Our students achieved the 2nd Runner-up position, highlighting their exceptional teamwork and entrepreneurial skills.
  • In the "An Educator's Perspective" category, we celebrated Ms. Amandeep Sandhu's remarkable achievement. Her winning article, representing GIIS Tokyo, showcased her deep insights into the educational landscape and exemplified our commitment to excellence in teaching and learning.

RWCC has been a stage where our GIIS Tokyo community comes together to excel, collaborate, and shine. It embodies our dedication to holistic education and our drive to nurture and celebrate the talents of our students and educators. As we look to the future, we are excited to continue our journey of growth and achievement in RWCC and beyond.

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