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July 01, 2023

GIIS Tokyo Celebrates Aki Ogura and Sakura Saha for being Shortlisted in the CBSE Budding Authors Programme

GIIS Tokyo is thrilled to announce and extend our heartfelt congratulations to two talented students from our school, Aki Ogura (CBSE 5A - 2022) and Sakura Saha (CBSE 10A - 2022), for their remarkable achievement in the CBSE Budding Authors Programme 2022. Both Aki and Sakura have been shortlisted among the final TOP 10 CBSE participants for their captivating short stories, "A Special Gift" and "Escape to the Past," respectively. This prestigious recognition places them on the path to becoming published authors, as they receive editorial support to refine their creations for inclusion in a collection of short stories curated by the CBSE board.

The CBSE Budding Authors Programme aims to foster a passion for literature and writing among CBSE students from grades 5 to 10, transcending geographical boundaries by welcoming participation from students all over the world. This engaging initiative provides a platform for young writers to immerse themselves in a diverse range of stories, ignite their creativity, hone their writing skills, and take immense pride in their literary achievements as they compose and submit their original short stories.

In "A Special Gift," Aki Ogura weaves a heartwarming tale of friendship, compassion, and the significance of small gestures that can change lives. Her eloquent narration and vivid storytelling showcase a level of maturity beyond her years, capturing the hearts of both readers and judges. As a budding author, Aki demonstrates exceptional promise, and her inclusion in the final Top 10 shortlist speaks volumes about her literary prowess.

Sakura Saha's "Escape to the Past" whisks readers away on a captivating journey through time, where history intertwines with imagination, and possibilities seem boundless. Sakura's ability to effortlessly transport readers to another era through her enchanting prose is a testament to her skilful storytelling and imaginative vision. As one of the top finalists, Sakura showcases her remarkable talent and potential to make a mark in the world of literature.

As finalists in the CBSE Budding Authors Programme, Aki and Sakura will receive invaluable editorial support, working alongside accomplished mentors to refine and enhance their short stories further. The guidance and expertise offered by these seasoned professionals will undoubtedly aid in transforming their creations into polished literary gems.

Moreover, the CBSE board's decision to publish the finalists' works in a collection of short stories represents a tremendous honour and recognition of their creativity and hard work. This prestigious publication will not only solidify Aki and Sakura's positions as published authors but also inspire countless young minds worldwide to pursue their passion for writing and storytelling.

Aki Ogura and Sakura Saha have proven themselves to be exceptional literary talents, and their achievements in the CBSE Budding Authors Programme are a source of pride for our school and the entire CBSE community. As they continue to embark on their writing journeys, we eagerly await the publication of their short stories and anticipate witnessing their literary careers flourish in the years to come. Their success serves as an inspiration to all aspiring young authors, reminding us that the power of storytelling knows no boundaries and that the world is waiting to be enchanted by their words.


GIIS Tokyo Communications 

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