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October 09, 2023

GIIS Tokyo CBSE Students Excel in Social Science Perspectives Week

The CBSE students of GIIS Tokyo showcased their enthusiasm and creativity during the recently concluded Social Science Perspectives Week.

This exciting event not only fostered creativity but also enhanced students' imagination, dexterity, physical abilities, and cognitive strength. The week was marked by collaborative efforts, allowing students to explore and conquer new horizons in a world of their own making.

One of the key highlights of this event was the emphasis on group projects that required students to work together, promoting teamwork and decision-making skills. As students collaborated on various projects, they not only deepened their understanding of the subject matter but also honed important social skills.

The primary objective of the Social Science activity week was to offer students a multifaceted perspective on the subject. They not only absorbed information but also presented it in engaging and entertaining ways. Working both individually and in groups, students tackled essential topics, drawing connections to real-life experiences. This collaborative effort was witnessed across classes 3 to 10.

The range of topics explored during the event was diverse and captivating. Students delved into areas such as communication, rainwater harvesting, first-aid, tribes, nomads and settled communities, water, gender equality, physical features, and nationalism of India. Each presentation was a testament to their dedication and commitment to understanding the world around them.

What set this Social Science Perspectives Week apart was the commitment to sustainability. Students were encouraged to utilize recyclable materials extensively throughout the event, with the goal of minimizing waste and promoting sustainability. This initiative not only showcased their creativity but also their responsibility towards the environment.

The Social Science Perspectives Week at GIIS Tokyo was a remarkable experience for our students. It provided a platform for them to explore, learn, and grow while emphasizing the importance of collaboration, creativity, and sustainability. GIIS Tokyo continues to foster a holistic educational experience that goes beyond textbooks and classrooms, preparing students for a dynamic and interconnected world.

GIIS Tokyo Communications

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