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Kuala Lumpur
August 23, 2020

Leadership Lecture Series: JA Talks- Beyond the Fear of Failure

Kula Lumpur 17 July 2020:

JA Malaysia Talk Series 2 – Beyond the Fear of Failure, Mr. Terry Ghani, International Keynote & TEDx Speaker, had an interactive session with the students of GIIS of classes 9 to 12 on 17th July 2020 to share valuable insights as to what makes an entrepreneur relevant in these challenging times - Entrepreneurship During This Pandemic.  This was the second session of the JAM Talk series session initiated by JA Malaysia.  Mr. Terry shared life lessons and gave students the advices on how to overcome and deal with life struggles, bankruptcy and other psychological traumas especially during this prolonged period of lockdown.  He motivated the students and taught them about how to strive for success and make an impact on the world no matter how small it is.

He also said that failures are the building blocks and that energy is the fuel; to be used wisely and If used negatively; it makes you reel under stress and be a victim of circumstances. He made the students realize that no matter what point you’re at life, you should always do what you love to do.

An informative session came to a fruitful end with the hope of having such sessions frequently.

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