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September 09, 2020

GIIS leaps to number 1 rank among CBSE overseas schools for 2020

Global Indian International School (GIIS) in Tokyo made history when it emerged as the world's one and only overseas international school appearing in the top 10 CBSE rankings among the 600+ affiliated schools operating outside India. 

GIIS Japan was ranked by CBSE on the 9th position in a list of 16,000 CBSE schools being rated by the Board based on the results of their Grade 10 examination. The result is an indication of the acceptance of quality of the CBSE curriculum and GIIS education by Japanese parents who support the Indian system.

Reacting to the result, Global Indian International School Co-founder Mr Atul Temurnikar said: “We have been deeply committed to Excellence at our Tokyo schools since its launch in 2006. The Japanese community loves this school for its Science, Maths and Technology education delivered in a very high quality manner. Our results are a reflection of this trust.”

GIIS Tokyo is a 14-year old international school that educates over 1000 students in their 3 campuses in Tokyo. Students from 20 nationalities study at the nursery, primary, secondary schools of GIIS with local Japanese and expat Indian students making the largest cohort.  

The international school is renowned for providing holistic education through its award-winning 9GEMS holistic education framework which emphasises equally on academics and non-academic excellence. 

Principal of GIIS Tokyo Ms Madhu Khanna, was thrilled by the results and said it was a rare honour and is the result of our total dedication at providing quality education to our students and this top ranking is proof of this.”

The CBSE announced Grade 10 board results in July 2020. More than 180,000 students appeared for the 10th board exams in 2020, of which more than 170,000 students passed with the overall pass percentage of 91.46 per cent. The cohort at GIIS Tokyo showed stupendous results in the board examinations taking the school average to 94.28%, which resulted in the TOP 10 ranking by CBSE. 

The reputed Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum from India has produced world leaders and entrepreneurs of the Silicon Valley, as well as successful GIIS alumni who are pursuing higher education in Ivy League Universities.

“The 9th ranking of GIIS Tokyo  shows the strength of the CBSE curriculum recognised by the Japanese people and the fact that CBSE has found deep roots among the quality-conscious Japan ecosystem. ” said Mr Anurag Tripathi, Secretary, CBSE India. 

“When the Covid pandemic broke in Feb 2020, GIIS Japan was one of the first schools in Asia which switched to complete Virtual learning and at same time provided a 50-50 learning virtual model for its students,” said principal Ms Khanna. She attributed the school’s success in the exams to the quick thinking among management to ensure education continuation for the students.

GlIS is one of the most unique K12 schools in the world. On the Education Excellence front, GIIS has  received over 150 awards from international Quality organisations such as APQO and SPRING Singapore etc.  

“The result is a reflection of the acceptance that GIIS Tokyo is fully tuned into the Japanese Quality culture and follows the Japanese way of doing things and where Quality is the way of learning,” said Japan Country Director Mr Rajeev Katyal. “From Student Quality circles, to Kaizen to achieving ISO 45000, the Total Quality Management or TQM approach is fully adopted and the school plans to achieve the epitome of quality award ie the Deming award in next few years,” he said. 

GIIS Tokyo also represented and won in best practices sharing competitions like IMC MAKING QUALITY HAPPEN and Asia Pacific Quality Organisation (APQO)  ACE.

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