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Kuala Lumpur
July 14, 2020

Father’s Day and International Yoga Day Activities by Std 1-5 (CBSE)

Kuala Lumpur, 21 June 2020: A father is someone that a child looks up to and whose footsteps he / she wishes to follow. He is the ‘Rock of Gibraltar’ and like the ‘Great Wall of China’, stands up stong to protect his family. He toils everyday and ensures that everyone at home is happy. To add, Yoga is a way of life that many follow to ensure that discipline is maintained and keeps everyone healthy. It was a coincidence that both Father’s Day and International Yoga Day fell on the same day this year i.e.21st June 2020.

On the occasion of Father’s Day, that coincided with International Yoga Day, the students had to come up with something exciting. Std 1 & 2 children were given the task of recording the videos of Father & Child duo engaged in their favourite indoor and outdoor activities repectively. Std 3 students were instructed to send two pictures individually, one of them dressed up as their fathers and another of them performing a yoga pose alongside their fathers. Std 4 and Std 5 students sent in a minute long video clips each of both father and child perfoming a captivating yoga pose and  yoga routine respectively.

Students were enthusiastic about participating and enjoyed performing. It was great to see children taking  interest in the art of yoga as it would help them lead a disciplined life. And of course, the interest that fathers showed in taking time out for their children was heart warming. This activity helped students to appreciate and value the role of a father in their lives.

To all the fathers out there, keep the yoga going and enjoy your child’s company.

All Photos & Videos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1SASEmHaDBiZe_PH3ZWIq1StC2Ott2gSm?usp=sharing


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