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Kuala Lumpur
April 01, 2021

Academic Orientation for classes 10 & 12

Kuala Lumpur- 9 March 2021- The academic orientation for parents of classes 10 and 12 students; for the year 2021-22 , was conducted virtually from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm on 8th March 2021.TThe students of these classes were also invited to attend the same. The principal, Academic Coordinator, CODs and all subject teachers of the board classes were present for this orientation.

The presentation was given by the COD Ms. Reshmi Pillai. The session began with the introduction of all class teachers and subject teachers of classes 10 & 12.This was followed by clear and concise  explanation of various topics such as the evaluation of scholastic and co-scholastic areas, the options to choose a  level of Mathematics – Basic or Standard, board registration requirements, rules and regulations that must be followed by students during virtual classrooms, methods to communicate with teachers if a query arises and regarding the 9 gems report card.

After the presentation the principal, Captain (Dr.) Dinisha Bhardwaj Singh gave an informative and motivational directives for the students and their parents. The webinar concluded with a Q/Ans. session in which the queries of parents were answered.

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