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March 25, 2020

10th Primary Annual Day – 21st November, 2019

Kuala Lumpur, 21st November 2019: Though delayed, this is the most talked about event of the year. The most awaited day of the year is the Annual Day. Kids and teachers await it, eagerly and anxiously. Eagerly, in order to be able to showcase their children’s talents, and anxiously, so that everything gets done perfectly. The nervous energy starts building up right from when we start planning on the theme. What follows is chaotic energy that is instrumental in getting everyone and everything organised until D-Day!

Such a day was 21st November, 2019, the 10th Primary Annual Day! It all began with planning the theme way back in October and it was ‘VIBRANT ASIA’. The idea was to showcase different cultures of Asia by performing various traditional folk and classical dance forms. The countries that were predominantly showcased were India, Malaysia, China, Nepal, Mongolia, Middle East, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Myanmar, Maldives and Sri Lanka. We had a few different styles from India and Malaysia.

The evening began with the welcoming of our esteemed Chief Guests, Ybhg Tan Sri Datuk Seri Mohd Hussin Bin Abd Hamid and Datuk Baljit Singh Sidhu, both prolific in their own avenues, by our Academic Co-ordinator Ms Bhuvaneshwari Veeraraghavan. Our Country Director Mr Manoj Nair and our Principal Capt.(Dr).Dinisha Bhardwaj were the Guests of Honour for the evening. The first to perform was our very own Malaysian Choir followed by Std 1 students, who danced to the tunes of India, China and Taiwan. The next to come on were the Std 2 kids who had everyone dancing to he songs of India, Mongolia, Nepal and Maldives. It, then, was that time of the evening, when the achievements of our school were published by our Principal Capt.(Dr.).Dinisha Bharadwaj. Next, both students and teachers, were acknowledged for their academic achievement and dedictaion. Afterwards, we had a surprise performance by our Dance Champions, who won the GIIS Global Championship League competition held in Ahmedabad on 13th November, 2019. They were a treat to watch.

To begin our next segment we had our Indian choir belt out a Tamil and Hindi song to get that motivation going. Then came the Std 3s, dancing to the music from Malaysia and China, followed by the students of Stds 4 and 5, in combined groups, boogying to tunes from India, Korea, Sri Lanka, Middle East, Myanmar and Philippines. It had everyone swaying to the tunes along with the children. The Finale was the icing on the cake, where all the students of classes 3 to 5 and all the teachers were up there, lead by Ms Tulika and the choreographers, dancing away to foot stomping music. The parents joined the celebration and it truly was a Vibrant evening.

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