April 30, 2019

Student wins at Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival

Dubai, 30 APRIL, 2019

Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival - SCRF, was organized between 17th – 25th April. GIIS Dubai students from Grade 3 onwards visited the Festival on April 17th.

As part of the event activity, SCRF organizers had announced a competition for all students visiting the festival. There were educational seminars organsied at the venue. Students could attend a seminar of their choice. They were then expected to submit a report with-in 24 hrs on the seminar and the best report would receive a reward.

GIIS student from Grade 5 Ila Gupta was prompt in submitting her report titled “I am the narrator”, which the school in-turn entered in-to the competition. The result was announced on the subsequent day and Ila was declared a winner.  

She won a certificate and a HP laptop which was given to her in an award ceremony at the Festival. She was also appreciated in the school assembly. The GIIS team would like to congratulate Ila for taking the initiative to participate and do everyone proud.

We would also take this opportunity to urge all parents to encourage their children to come forward and participate in such opportunities. GIIS has always believed in its holistic development model – 9 Gems, that ensures that the child will get the right platform to showcase their potential.

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