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June 06, 2018

Ramadan comes with a spirit of giving at GIIS


ABU DHABI, 24 MAY, 2018: GIIS Abu Dhabi organised a week-long Ramadan Charity Drive last month collecting food items and clothes for the needy, and renewing their commitment to charity work and impart priceless lessons on students about giving back to the society. 

The programme, organised from 14th May to 23rd May, witnessed participation from students, parents and teachers and received wide applause from the community. 

The collected food material was distributed on 24th May at Baniyas labour camp, while the clothes were donated to Red Cresent. Students were welcomed at the labour camp and their donations were gracefully accepted.

The program was a learning ground for students in organising events, as well as an opportunity to experience how to unite individual elements in the society for a bigger cause. They learnt the vaues of community spirit, uplifting the underprivileged and selflessness. They were filled with a sense of accomplishment, they said during the event.  

The event was also an opportunity for students to count their blessings, and to help them become socially committed  citizens.  

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