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May 21, 2018

Moms-KG kids participate in contest during Mothers' Day celebrations


ABU DHABI, 14 MAY 2018: Mothers of the kindergarten section participated enthusiastically in fun competitions organised as part of the Mothers’ Day celebrations last week.

The super moms competed in ‘Edible Craft’ and ‘Fruit and Veggie Carving’ competitions for KG1 and KG2 respectively during an interactive session where all the mothers bonded with each other, teachers and kindergarten students.

Each student introduced their mother to the class before the event. Later moms and their children created mouth-watering and attractive dishes from fruits, veggies, bread and other ingredients. Both were thrilled to be making something amazing together.

Judges had a hard time deciding on the winners as most food items were very well made. Winner mom-child duo were awarded by Principal Dr Heena Rachh.

The event is a reminder of GIIS’s unique method of teaching, which involves parents at every level. Such involvement improves students overall development, which is the core of GIIS 9GEMS pedagogy.

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