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Abu Dhabi
May 24, 2024

Investiture Ceremony marks the beginning of a new leadership chapter for AY 2024-25!

The Investiture Ceremony, a hallmark event of the academic year, was held with great enthusiasm and pride at GIIS Abu Dhabi. The ceremony marked the formal appointment of the new student council members, who are set to lead and inspire their peers in various domains.


The event commenced with a warm welcome by the principal, followed by the ceremonial lighting of the lamp, symbolising the enlightenment and knowledge the new leaders are expected to bring. The stage was set for the pinning ceremony, where each leader was adorned with their respective badges, signifying their roles and responsibilities.


Jayden John Jacob, a Grade 12 student from the Warriors house, was appointed as the Head Boy and Evania Joe Saleeta, also in Grade 12 from the Vikings house, was appointed as the Head Girl.


The roles of Assistant Head Boy and Assistant Head Girl were awarded to Krist K Joy of Grade 11B (Warriors) and Pranjal Bhagchandani of Grade 11C (Vikings), respectively. In the sports domain, Saksham Saxena of Grade 12C from the Vikings house was appointed as the Sports Captain and Vrinda of Grade 12A from the Warriors house was appointed as the Sports Captain - Girl.


For Primary Grades Nived emerged as Head Boy and Rubina as Head Girl. The ceremony was attended by students, faculty, and parents, all of whom applauded the newly appointed leaders. The event concluded with a motivational speech from the principal, who emphasised the importance of leadership, responsibility, and teamwork. The newly elected council members pledged to uphold the values of the school and to work diligently towards fostering a supportive and inclusive environment.


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