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Abu Dhabi
January 31, 2021

GCIE Programs and Events

The department of GCIE bid good bye to the year 2020 with digital literacy development activities using ADOBE tool. The students were trained in graphic designing and video making through ADOBE SPARK. The students created videos with their own voice recording and pictures under various themes like friendship, my school, community connect, my activities and so on. The Qutuhal season 2 grand finale activities were carried out during the end of the year completing projects across various levels and different categories. The season 2 for Qutuhal young innovator challenge was a big success with 1200 participants from schools across UAE. 

The year 2021 began with the award ceremony of Season 2 which was conducted virtually by the UAE GCIE Team. Mr. Rishabh Java, the young entrepreneur, co-founder and Chief Tangler at Tangled was invited as the Judge and the guest speaker for the day. The award ceremony witnessed participation of schools across the UAE.

The STEAM activities started with hands on model making, smartphone projector and submarines with the inclusion of science topics followed by engineering topics through tinkercad simulation tools

World EXPOs are festivals of imagination, where people come together to showcase their ideas and inventions. Global Indian International School, Abu Dhabi is proud to be a part of the world’s biggest event EXPO through the Young Innovator Challenge. The napkin sketches of the innovative ideas are soon to be showcased as 3Dprinted models/animations at the event. 

The Department of Global Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship takes pride in congratulating the students who took part in sharing their thoughts and ideas with the whole world. Congratulations to our students- Ms. Angel Jacob, Ms. Nayala Fouz, Ms. Waniya Hasan. The team has sketched and submitted the idea of an ‘Animal Translator Collar’ which will help translate animal language and feelings into human readable language. Being a pet lover, the team believed that everyone, at least once in their lifetime, wonders … “What is going on in that bird's mind, or what is my dog saying when he barks?” They tried to think of a way to make it possible to get answers to such questions and in order to develop a better way of communication between humans and animals.

Kudos to our second team-Mr. Muhsin T. Ali Zakariya. Mr. Mohammad Shir Mohammad, Mr. Mu`nis O. Ali Zakariya. SMART Trolley is the next innovative idea that went across the stages of selection. The team says that this would give a different shopping experience which is efficient, time saving and technology friendly. The completely automated trolley is a next generation shopper focusing on all categories and age groups as a shopping assistant.


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