GIIS Tokyo conducts Bicycle and Traffic Drills workshop

Published on 13 Dec 2016
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GIIS Tokyo Campus in collaboration with the Tokyo Department of Traffic, conducted a workshop on ‘Let’s have a safe travel!’ regarding the awareness and importance of bicycle traffic rules. Ms. Tanaka, Ms. Ushiro, Ms. Aoki and other team members of the Kasai Traffic Police department gave an in-dept presentation of the rules to follow.

The workshop provided an opportunity for bicyclists to practice and develop skills that will help them to become better at it and avoid unnecessary crashes. It was a whole-of-service approach to road safety education and even featured real life travel experiences of children and families. It also addressed local road safety needs and concerns. Students understood community-focused road safety education.

The workshop presented the latest data about road accidents in the country, encouraging students to realize the importance of one’s precious life. “Hurry or Impatience” on the road was declared to be the main cause of accidents and students were motivated to practice time management to overcome that. Moreover, the students were informed about Mandatory, Cautionary and Informatory traffic signals.

Helmets save lives. They absorb the blow that would otherwise hit the skull — in a collision with a tree, a telephone pole, another vehicle, or the ground when cyclists fall off their bikes. One writer described helmets as “brain buckets for cyclists.” In over half of all bicycle incidents, the cyclist’s head hits a hard surface. Even a fall from as little as two feet off a tricycle can result in severe trauma to the head of a small child.

Ms. Ushiro explained various traffic signals, their significance and informed the students that while riding bicycle on the road, they should be on the left side of the road. Various rules pertaining to road crossing and the importance of traffic signals highlighted during this outdoor workshop.

Students experienced a real life scenario. Police officers prepared traffic routes and traffic signals. Police emphasized that, we only have one precious life and that we must follow the rules and save our lives.

The objective of this session was to describe the rules of bicycle and how important it is to use a helmet. To make students realize the significance of human life and to make them aware of road safety and various traffic rules, an innovative workshop on “Road Safety” and “Traffic Rules” was organized. Ms. Ushiro demonstrates the 4 rules of left

Keep left when you ride the bicycle.
Ride a bicycle by the left and get down from left.
Use of brakes: Use left and then right to stop the bicycle.
Whenever you stop the bicycle, touch your left feet with the ground first.

Students learned the above rules through various games. The whole event was initiated, planned and executed by Ms. Adit Patki and Mr. Hayami Mizuno. With the great support of class teachers and subject teachers from classes 1-5

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