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March 10, 2017

GIIS Surat classroom transforms in to transportation hub!


Our pre-primary students had an entire day to them with cars, trucks, airplanes, boats and all sorts of modes of transportation around! Global Indian International School Surat celebrated the ‘Transport Day’ to teach the little ones about road, water and air transportation vehicles and methods. Understanding the need for educating our children with not only about different modes of transportation but also sensitize them with traffic, roads and driving rules. Any country’s growth and development majorly depends on its roads-connectivity and easy transportation. And, the Indian economy heavily relies on the country’s transportation system.

The pre-primary teachers creatively transformed the classrooms into a transportation hub with roads made from chart-papers to explain road traffic rules; a small inflated water-pool which had a toy streamer and paper boats to show water transport; and toy airplanes and helicopters which demonstrated air transport. The whole activity excited the young learners as they were eager to see a small toy car drive past the chart-paper road!

The Transport Day concluded with teachers quizzing students on various transportation methods and traffic rules.

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