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December 29, 2017

Knowing what is behind everything; Science day at GIIS Noida


Introducing science concepts to children at an early age stimulates their curiosity levels, and makes them learn things which they retain for life. Things that ignite their imagination and makes them learn more than what they do by attending theoretical sessions in classrooms.

Making the tiny tots familiar with various science concepts, teachers of the pre-primary wing of Global Indian International School (GIIS) Noida celebrated Science Day in the school where they conducted numerous experiments in front of children. The idea was to demonstrate few concepts which help them in understanding the reasons why certain things work a particular way.

Series of activities were conducted to demonstrate how science is applied in our daily lives. Beginning with the day, teachers recited “I wonder why” rhyme in class and also narrated a story on the journey of a raindrop to make children aware of how rain in the clouds come from. Other activities conducted were Rainbow clouds and Fun with magnets.

Rainbow clouds activity involved rain cloud experiment in a jar which was shown to the students and was thoroughly enjoyed by them. It gave them hands on experience of how rain cloud works. The teacher explained the kids that the water is like the air, and the shaving cream is like the clouds. And as the clouds get saturated with water, they produce rain.

Fun with magnets activity depicted how metallic objects danced their way to the magnet and how non-metallic objects lay still without changing their position. Teachers explained why the some objects were being pulled by the magnets and why the others did not. She introduced the concept of magnetic field and materials that have magnetic properties in them.

The objective behind carrying out scientific experiments in front of children was to develop awareness and increase their inquisitiveness that urges them to ask more and gain more knowledge. In a way, it even helped them enhance their observation skills, which again is very important during developmental years.

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