The Magnificent World of Science Showcases by GIIS Whitefield students

Published on 04 Aug 2017
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GIIS Whitefield was a place with budding science enthusiasts’ right from Grade 1 to Grade 9 on the Science Exhibition day. With a lot of themes up for display, the students exhibited complementing models, charts and experiments. The topics of green revolution, saving mother earth, reducing pollution, solar energy, solar lighting, reusing waste water and a lot of amazing ways to save Mother Nature.

The world of science has always intrigued the world from time immemorial. With the tradition of sharing the amazing discoveries by people associated with science studies, it has become so easy for students to gain knowledge and share the same through experiments and working models in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The Global Indian International School (GIIS) students were enthusiastic and every team had unique and awe-inspiring displays or working models to display. Some of the exhibits had been given a poetic style of narration as in the case of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle theme by a team from Grade 3. If you and me reduce our waste, the world will be the better place.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle too. Come on everyone. It's easy to do.
When you go to shopping, take a bag or two and to all packaging say 'No thank you'.
When you are too big to play with your toys, give it to other girls and boys.
When you take your rubbish to the Bin, think which one you put it.

Whether it was recycling of waste or reusing the plastic bottles for growing plants, the students knew the actual science behind it. Pollution is not the solution. Keep noise down otherwise noise will keep you down. If you pollute the earth, it will pollute you. - This was a thought-provoking slogan by a team from Grade 5 who had put up a green world model.

There was a surprise presentation, the mobile Science exhibition by Agastya International Foundation, the Indian education trust and non-profit organization based in Bangalore. The speciality of Agastya is to conduct science education programs for students and teachers across the world. They had showcased around 35-40 different models pertaining to Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Astronomy at GIIS Whitefield which were displayed and demonstrated by the students of Grade 9.  The exhibition was very well presented by the students with all the details regarding the phenomenon behind every experiment.

The Science Exhibition was a wonderful platform to see the miracles of science, the wonderful ways by which we can create a pollution-free green environment and the facts about gravity, force and friction. After all, the science of today is the technology of tomorrow.

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