The Colourful Eid Surprise by KG 2A students of GIIS Whitefield

Published on 03 Jul 2017
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In every shared smile and laughter; In every silent prayer answered; In every opportunity that comes your way, may Allah bless you immensely

- Eid Mubarak!

The message of Eid was beautifully presented in the Eid Special Assembly by K2 A children of Global Indian International School (GIIS) Whitefield. They shared the significance of the festival of Eid. The month of Ramadan comprised of fasting, Iftar, charity, nightly prayers, recital of the Holy Quran by all the Muslims worldwide. Sharing more facts, they said that the Muslims offered prayers facing Mecca five times a day, during the Ramzan period and they read the Holy Quran everyday as a ritual. Apart from this, the holy site of pilgrimage for the Muslims are Mecca and Madina where millions of people go during the Ramadan time to offer prayers and get blessings of Allah. The children explained that all the prayers are considered to be heard by the Almighty when the crescent new moon appears after the end of Ramzan.

This was followed by a dance on the song 'Khwaja Mere Khwaja' which denotes a seeker's desire for blessings from their Khwaja. This song is sung in the praise of one of the most famous and renowned Sufi Saints of the Chisti order, Moinuddin Chisti, where Moinuddin means 'the Assister of Religion'. He was also known as Garib Nawaz which means 'Benefactor of the poor'. His shrine known as Dargah Sharif is in Ajmer. The title Khwaja is given to Moinuddin Chisti in the song considering him to be the Master or Leader of the people.

The skit based on the story Idgah written by Premchand was inspiring where a child named Hamid bought tongs for his grandmother from the Eid fair instead of buying toys for himself from his Eidi. He showed his love and kindness by doing this, so as to help her protect her fingers from getting burnt while she cooked rotis each day. It ended with the Grand Finale was a visual retreat. Their colourful, glittering costumes and their rhythmic movements were superb. The vibrant smile on their faces radiated the spirit of actual Eid celebrations!

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