Good Citizenship Week inspires all the Pre-Primary Students of GIIS Whitefield

Published on 13 Jul 2017
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Shades of a Good Citizen
I love my country and respect others.
I am humble and honest in my deeds.
I am ready to reach out to anyone in need.
I follow the traffic rules diligently.
I am responsible to create a healthy environment around me.
I aim to become a global good citizen.

The Good Citizenship Week for the Pre-Primary children of GIIS Whitefield was a brilliantly coordinated plan to teach the students about the qualities of being a good citizen. This comprised of Video presentations that showed facts related to respect for the National flag of the country, safeguarding the heritage monuments and the currency note by not defacing them. The students were shown numerous qualities of good citizenship.

As part of the activities to exercise these qualities on a daily basis, the children were given worksheets to identify the gestures of humility at school and while at home. Following traffic rules, standing in a proper queue while waiting for one's turn and ensuring discipline in public places were few of them. The need to treat animals with love and affection was emphasized upon since they too form an integral part of our society. They were told to practice the quality of friendliness towards other humans by way of gratitude, respect and helpfulness. The small wonders of Nursery, were told to clean up their play area and keep the toys in the proper place each time they were done with their fun-time. The much loved Puppet Show was organized with stories on Sharing, Honesty and Kindness for Nursery, KG 1 and KG 2 respectively. This was truly interesting and at the same time the children recalled the qualities joyfully after the show.

The Show and Tell activity in the classrooms summarized the qualities in the words of the tiny tots. The KG 1 and KG 2 children brought pictures associated with being good citizens at home or at school or for the country and spoke 3-4 lines about it. They were smart and very confident while they shared the qualities.

Good Citizenship Week culminated in Kindness Day. The Pre-Primary students of Global Indian International School (GIIS) Whitefield understood the essence of being good citizens and this was a step towards helping them become global responsible citizens of the future.

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