Cultural Fest at GIIS Whitefield - A mesmerizing journey to the Indian States

Published on 05 Jul 2017
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The Cultural Fest at GIIS Whitefield, Bangalore was the best example of equality and communal harmony where 14 states were beautifully displayed by the students from Grade 1- 9. In fact, it was a celebration of every state under the same roof. The students came clad in the traditional attire of the respective states and it was simply a spectacle through the lens of the camera. The elegance of the cultural clothing reflected the essence of every state.

The Cultural Fest was a wonderful journey where one could travel across the states Uttarakhand, Bihar, Gujarat, Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Kashmir, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Delhi, Karnataka, Kerala and Punjab from the classes of GIIS Whitefield. Yes, the presentations by the students were so perfect with the details of every state. With the help of charts and pictorial representations, they explained about the details of the states they were designated. The topics like geographic location, tourist places to visit, famous personalities, jewellery, ancient artifacts, clothing, accessories and the popular food and cuisine of every state was very well displayed without missing out on any facts.

The special food delicacies were prepared at home with the magical flavour of the state and this calls for a special thanks to all the parents who have contributed to making such sumptuous food with love. In certain states, the students knew the names of the food that they had brought from home. Some even knew how to prepare the delicacies. There were dance and song presentations as well to add the magical cultural aura for the states.

The Principal, Mr. Ganesh Sharma was overwhelmed and praised every student for their presentation and their active participation through speech, song and dance. The colours of expression was vibrant in every state where students stood together as a team and they showcased the state they were assigned, with dedication and respect. His feedback for the presentations was so positive that the word 'Very Good’ written on the Feedback Board, made every student happy and proud of their achievement.

'Every state is special and Global Indian International School (GIIS) Whitefield students make me proud today for making the Cultural Fest a symbol of cultural harmony. It is great to see children of one state, portray another state with so much perfection', said the Principal. Whether be the food, the costume or the traditional dance, they expressed the pride of that particular state with confidence. A Cultural Fest as this one is surely a sign of our students' path in spreading the message of cultural harmony while representing India as a country that respects and values every culture within.'

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