On Children's Day GIIS Ahmedabad pledges to build connections for a lifetime...

Published on 17 Nov 2016
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Children are like warm sunny rays in the winters, like pearls in the bed of the oceans…

Two things polls apart, probably, even farther and abstract; are nonetheless significant, momentous, priceless and salutary. We cannot do without the golden rays of the Sun which sprinkle life in all living beings, nor can we do without the priceless pearls which lay undiscovered in the sea until they glitter as ornaments.

Children are the Sunny rays in our lives and the pearls that embellish our future. On Children’s Day we, at Global Indian International School Ahmedabad, celebrated the little laughter, joy, pranks, curiosity, innocence, love and of course ‘childhood’. We believe in connections with our children and thrive to mould them in every aspect, and along the way, we build relations for the lifetime with them.

This Children’s Day, not limiting the celebrations to fun activities, GIIS Ahmedabad planned to pledge to focus on each child individually and work for a better mutual relationship. But, how could we leave out those fun moments spent with teachers on the Children’s Day. So, the day started with a magic show by a city-based magician, who enthralled the children watching the magic tricks in awe! The magician continued his tricks and drollery till the children enjoyed to the fullest. This was then followed by a joyful camel cart ride, decorated with colourful balloons, around the school campus for all the grades.

Also, a special assembly was held the following day which spoke on recognising the talent every child has and lending an attentive ear to them when they need us. The skit was played by students of class 3 which emphasised on building connections with our children, be it in school or at home.

GIIS Ahmedabad pledges to make every day a Happy Children’s Day by building connections with our students so that they emerge in young well-groomed ladies and gentlemen of tomorrow!

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