Investiture Ceremony at GIIS Ahmedabad: New Student Council took Oath

Published on 06 Jul 2017
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The Voting Process and Election

The election for various posts of the Student Council in GIIS Ahmedabad was held for the students of grade 6 to 9 on 23rd June 2017. The day started with an inspiring speech by the Principal. He emphasized on SPIRIT OF COLLABORATION and asked the voters to judge nominated candidates according to their leadership abilities. The nominated candidates presented themselves before the assembly with speeches, Logo and the mandate for their house. The candidates included contestants for the post of Captain, Vice-Captain, Sports Captain, Sports Vice-Captain, Head Girl and Head Boy. This was followed by casting of votes by the students. The entire campaign was conducted in the spirit of democrac

The Oath Taking Investiture Ceremony

It is said “Leaders don’t create followers, they create more Leaders.”

To develop the leadership quality, GIIS Ahmedabad followed a democratic process of election to form the school student council for the year 2017-18. So, to empower leadership to the students, the Investiture Ceremony, which is one of the most momentous occasions of the school was held on 01-07-2017 wherein the newly elected members of the school’s senate were officially vested with their powers and positions. The elected senate members included the Head Boy, Head Girl, Sports captain, Sports vice-Captain, House Captain and House vice-Captain. They were conferred with Sash, badges, house flags, school flag and banners by the Chief Guest-Mr. Joseph Sebastian and school Principal-Mr. Caesar D’silva.

Mr. Joseph Sebastian inspired and motivated the students to lead a life full of passion, attitude and discipline. He also emphasised on the importance of sports in one’s life.

The navigator of the flagship of knowledge Mr. Caesar D’silva sworn in the newly formed school cabinet as they all pledge to dispense their duties to the best of their abilities and abide by the school’s rules and regulations. He congratulated the young leaders and their proud parents as they were ready to take up their responsibilities, lead and contribute to the participation of the school, its activities and programs.

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