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February 27, 2019

Visit by Pilot and Flight Attendant sparks curiosity among students

TOKYO, 27 FEBRUARY, 2019: In the ongoing effort to educate students about various professions, GIIS Tokyo campus invited Japanese Airline pilot, Mr Mochimi Shima and flight attendant, Ms Akimi Shima to visit the Nishi Kasai campus on 7th February 2019. The students were surprised and thrilled to see a real pilot and a flight attendant at school.

Prior to their visit, the students prepared some questions related to aeroplanes and airports with hopes of getting answers from the visitors.

Pilot Mochimi Shima works for the Japan Airlines and was happy to be a part of the event and enthusiastically answered the innumerable questions that the little ones asked him and Ms Akima. Mr Mochimi Shima showed his pilot license to the students and they were excited to have a close look at it.

The visit by the pilot and flight attendant offered students a close look at these professions which they might want to consider as a potential career in future.

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