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February 28, 2023

GIIS Tokyo students showcase their Linguistic Skills during Second Language Week

We live in a multilingual world where connections happen through languages. The world has become increasingly globalized and knowing a second language can give you a competitive advantage. 

There are several tangible benefits of being bilingual:

> It can help your career while improving your memory and brain function. 

> A second language can drastically change your career. 

> Living in an interconnected world means gaining access to jobs that have positions where knowing more than one language is essential. 

Learning a second language opens the opportunity to be part of a community with a different culture and learn more about the world. 

Did you know that being bilingual can also help you master your language? 

The NishiKasai campus at GIIS Tokyo provides foreign languages like Japanese, French and Mandarin, along with two ancient Indian languages like Tamil and Hindi. 

During the second language week, the NK campus students got the opportunity to participate in different activities such as speech, storytelling, poem recitation, food creation, show and tell, celebrating festivals, word formation, French Spelling Bee, Comic stripes and writing proverbs, making your own stories, presentation on nature and many more.

GIIS Tokyo Communications 

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