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January 27, 2023

GIIS Tokyo students participate in routine earthquake drills

GIIS Tokyo has always emphasized the importance of students’ safety, and that’s why we conduct regular earthquake drills. 

These drills are routinely performed to train our students, teachers, and staff to practice Drop, Cover, and Hold; this is important because it brings about awareness and ensures everyone knows about the rules. 

We also ensure that a proper evacuation route is followed and that students are aware of which protocols they should follow, in case of an emergency.

Schools in Tokyo are known to conduct regular earthquake drills. From a young age, the students of GIIS Tokyo are educated on the best way to seek protection and stay safe if an earthquake hits our area. The most common method during the drills is for children to get under their desks and hold onto their table legs until the quake runs its course. 

If they are playing outside, students are taught to go towards the centre of the open space to avoid getting hit by falling debris.



GIIS Tokyo Communications 

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