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February 17, 2023

GIIS Tokyo students participate in an eventful Art Exhibition

For the first time, the students of GIIS Tokyo Nishi Kasai Campus showcased their student's artwork up for sale during the Art Exhibition that was held as part of the CCA Open Day on February 17, 2023.

There were 15 pieces on display and they were bought by 14 guests. Proceeds from the sale were awarded to the winning students and the donations received are being transferred to the United Nations Environmental Programme. 

The theme of the exhibition was “Earth: The only home we know”, and it was decided upon with the intent of cultivating a sense of responsibility among students, especially towards the protection of the environment. 

The theme was further divided into the following three sub-themes:


We the People:

The category explored and showcased the uniqueness of various cultures and ethnicities across the globe.


C is for Conservation:

The subtheme focused on depicting and promoting sustainable development and environmental conservation. Students created paintings/artwork according to their understanding and aspirations for the world around them, promoting the sensible use of natural resources.  


Lost World:

The subtheme highlighted the fragility and wonder of life on earth through the artwork of endangered and extinct species. Through their artwork, students created awareness about the decline in biodiversity and species on the edge of survival. 

The overall response towards the art exhibition was overwhelming, and it provided students with the encouragement and push to use their creativity in spreading awareness about environmental concerns. 

GIIS Tokyo Communications 


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