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July 09, 2022

GIIS Tokyo students celebrate Numeracy Week

The CBSE students of GIIS Tokyo celebrated Numeracy Week this year, with the onus of taking responsibility.

The younger grades showed their love and enthusiasm for the Numerical subject through some fun games and puzzles. 

The objectives of the numeracy week were to:

Share knowledge through Puzzles and Games 

> Learn about Mathematicians and their contributions.

> Solve complex problems 

> Reinforce the power of teamwork, with efficient decision-making and respect the timeline.

> To provide an opportunity to achieve success 

This year students' Numeracy week was conducted in two parts- Preparation and execution. 

The Preparation was done as CW / HW under the guidance of Teachers in their respective periods. The Execution was done during the two days of Numeracy week. 

Students from Grades 1 and 2 prepared puzzles and games, under the guidance of teachers. Each Student from Grades 3 to 5 researched the  Mathematician assigned for the respective class. They got together as a group and created posters that contained timelines of life events and details about each event. It was also presented to other fellow students from other classes.

Students from Grade 6 to 8 prepared questions for a Math Scavenger Hunt which was thoroughly enjoyed by Grades 3 to 5. Grades 9 not only prepared a project where they had to analyze and prepare the pattern created by the discs but also played a game of Bingo prepared by Grade10 students.

Overall, the students enthusiastically participated in the Math Fair and created wonderful, amazing games that were based on various topics.

Even though they were from different grades, each student presented and explained the activities very well. It was quite clear that the children enthusiastically researched their topics before participating in the event. 


GIIS Tokyo Communications 


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