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May 23, 2023

GIIS Tokyo Nishi Kasai students release the third edition of Creative Splash

Creativity emerges from a wild mind, breaking the pattern in a disciplined manner and creating a pattern of its own.

Imbibing the above thought, the students of GIIS Tokyo never took a break from creating a path not seen or heard of before.

With this, born was the idea of a Student-led magazine, three years ago. Keeping in pace with the age of digitalization, Creative Splash is an E-magazine highlighting the skills and innovation of the students’ dynamic minds. The edition is not only an amalgamation of students’ achievements, talents and skills, but also visibly portrays the awe-inspiring expertise of the Editorial Board led by the students.

As soon as the opportunity presented itself, the ever-enthusiastic and inquisitive students grabbed hold of it by exhibiting their knack for exploring. The editorial board had different members each year, and every time, the successful completion of the magazine brings in a lot of contentment among the members. The students take this as a blessed opportunity to hone the skills needed to pursue their careers after school. One of the members expressed that this opportunity gave her a chance to deep dive into designing and editing, while another member spoke about the moment they could identify their inner potential and capability.

Presenting to you the Third edition of Creative Splash. Please sit back and relax with the incredible collection of students by students.

Creative Splash- 3rd edition



GIIS Tokyo Communications 

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