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July 14, 2022

GIIS Tokyo Launches the Second Edition of Creative Splash

GIIS, Tokyo released the second edition of the Student-led magazine, Creative Splash, in continuation with the last year’s (2020-2021) initiative.

With the crucial need of transforming the mode of education, and school operations, into a digitalized format, creating an E-magazine stands pivotal.

Just like last year, the Editorial Committee of the E-magazine consists of students who composed, designed, and edited the content. The focus and aim remain the same, that is, to celebrate the creativity of blooming minds by celebrating and motivating the sprouting geniuses of the school.

Browsing through the pages will provide an interesting joy ride to the readers, as it will take them through a gallery of beautiful memories which were created by the students.

Forging a new path can be challenging, however, once created it can lead to the foundation of a legacy.

Presenting to you the Second edition of Creative Splash!

Please click the Title link to have a look at the E-magazine: Creative Splash: Edition 2


GIIS Tokyo Communications 

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