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April 18, 2022

GIIS Tokyo Investiture Ceremony 2022-2023


The students of GIIS Tokyo Nishi Kasai Campus participated in the Investiture Ceremony, by promising to be good leaders who instil confidence and help their peers creatively solve problems by working as a team.

Leadership is one of the most important skills, where you can aspire to be a great person by making the world a better place.  Good leaders have the opportunity to practice their skills every single day at home, school, in sports, and everywhere in between. 

They are not bossy or loud.  In fact, they are known to be good listeners, proactive, honest, generous, strong communicators, confident, fair, and in control of themselves.

This Ceremony was not just about providing titles, but also about conferring responsibilities to the students, taking charge of the school, and aiming to reach new heights.


GIIS Tokyo Communications


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