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May 14, 2021

GIIS, Tokyo Celebrates the First Launch of the Student-led Magazines

Another initiative towards the “new normal”, GIIS Tokyo has recently released two school magazines: Mélange of Memories from the primary section and Creative Splash from the high school section.

While the magazines are not a new concept, this is the first edition unique to our campus. Due to the current restrictions, the teams adapted to the use of online tools for both the creation and publication of the projects.

These projects were student-led, highlighting every achievement and creativity of the students. What stands out to be unique with this magazine, is GIIS, Tokyo has for the first time published a Student-led magazine. As the name suggests, the editorial board consisted of students who coordinated in collecting the contents, editing and working on the design of the magazine. While for the primary section, the teachers had a little active participation in working on the magazine, the high school magazine was totally led by the students with the teachers’ role being restricted to supervising, guiding and sharing ideas.

As shared by one of the members of the Editorial Board Committee, Mikhail Paglinawan, “I personally had a hand in the creation of the Senior magazine. The brainchild of four students, my part entailed designing the template and ordering the flow of the magazine. The last stop of my time at school, but the beginning of a new yearly tradition.”

Finding another way to spend time with friends is always a treat. But being able to look back on all the good during this difficult year in a concise form, and sharing that positivity with everyone is better. The magazines are: A GIIS project that every child can be proud of.


The links to the magazines:


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