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March 29, 2023

GIIS Tokyo celebrates CBSE Grade 12 Graduation

As our students set their sails ready to take on the world, GIIS Tokyo would like to wish them happiness and success during the Graduation Ceremony celebrated at the Nishi Kasai Campus. 

The CBSE Grade 12 Graduation Ceremony was celebrated on 28th March 2023, and the Guest of Honour for the event was the Country Director of GIIS Tokyo, Mr Sumit Mishra. The Principal of GIIS Tokyo, Ms Madhu Khanna, addressed the gathering and extended her heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to all the young achievers. 

Mr Sumit Mishra shared his valuable insights for the students to set on life's journey. Students of Grade 10 (2023-2024) and Grade 8 (2022-2023) gave stunning performances. From the opening song to a sizzling dance routine, the Graduation Ceremony captured and celebrated the students' glorious and proud moments and achievements. 

Ms Madhu Khanna and Mr Sumit Mishra felicitated the graduates. Donned in their graduation gowns, the students finally threw their caps to mark this joyous celebration. The event concluded with cutting the cake, followed by a delicious lunch arranged by the school.

Wishing our graduates the best of luck in all their future endeavours! 

To watch the celebration, please click the link below:



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