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February 08, 2021

GIIS Spelling Bee winner Aryan Deshpande set to represent GIIS at the National Level Spelling Bee event

Elenor Roosevelt said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

The GIIS Tokyo students eagerly awaited the school-level Spelling Bee competition on the 22nd of January, 2021. They’d prepared for it over a period of around two months. A list of 450 words had been handed over to 27 class-level spelling bee winners.

The Day to prove one’s preparation!

Students assembled in the auditorium on the day of the event to exhibit their spelling skills. Once the rules of the quiz were explained, the first speller was given the word.

The first few rounds had all the students spell the words with perfection. Spellers weren’t allowed to go back and change the order of their spelling once they had spoken a letter out loud. The curious minds competed with an ardent spirit, exhausting the 450-word list. A handful of resolute spellers progressed to the final round of an additional set of familiar but difficult words. 

Aryan Deshpande of Class 3 emerged the winner by spelling the maximum words. He would represent GIIS, Nishikasai at the Japan Spelling Bee. The national-level event is scheduled for March 6, 2021. The runner up, Ariav Karikalan of grade 5 was an equally proficient speller.

Hearty congratulations to all the spellers! 

We wish the students to build a beautiful future embodying their unique self.


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