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February 17, 2022

GIIS Japan Students Celebrated Their 7th International Day of Yoga with Yoga for Unity and Wellbeing

GIIS Japan students celebrated their 7th International Day of Yoga on June 21st.

International Yoga Day took place simultaneously in Nishikasai and Higashikasai campuses. This year, the special sessions were led by the guest teachers Mr Ashutosh Singh for senior students on both campuses and Ms Miha for PYP students. The NK primary students had sessions with HK's regular yoga teacher, Ms Noriko. In total, ten yoga sessions were held, and they were conducted in the school auditoriums.

The sessions for senior students started with brief speeches presented by the children, wherein they spoke about the significance of the Day of Yoga, along with its history and value. It is a tradition for students and teachers to wear white T-shirts because they represent purity, healing, and protection; moreover, this tradition has been followed from the first celebration of Yoga Day in GIIS.

The atmosphere of unity and wellbeing was emphasized through the beautifully decorated school auditoriums. In NK Campus, a Yoga banner was displayed at the centre and illuminated with lights from different sides. This represented the goal of unity and being together. Either side of the auditorium stage was decorated with flags from different countries, representing the internationality and unity of Yoga.

To top it all off, balloons were suspended from the ceiling, which corresponded to the colour gamma of the banner. Each balloon has a word that is related to Yoga. Towards the end of the Day, every student in Grade1 had received a balloon with wishes of Yoga Day.

For the first time in the history of the school, to highlight the significance of Yoga Day, two subjects - Yoga and art- were integrated together. The children expressed their grattitude towards Yoga by designing and colouring bookmarks with the guidance of art teachers of the two campuses; Ms Manika and Ms Samantha.

The children left the school happy and spiritually fulfilled. It was an incredible day dedicated to Yoga, wellness, unity, and a healthy way of life.

GIIS Tokyo Communications 

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