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May 26, 2019

Chrysanthemum House Emerges Champion at Annual Sports Day

The Annual Sports Meet of GIIS Tokyo Higashikasai High School Campus was held at the Aomori University, Tokyo Campus, in May, 2019 for all the Cambridge classes from Grades 6-10, CBSE classes from Grades 6-12 and the IB-PYP (Candidate School) classes for Grades 1-5.

The event was held in the afternoon and the Guest of Honor for the Cambridge and CBSE event was Ms. Tomoko Seki, Campus Chief at the Aomori University - Tokyo Campus, and Mr. Yogendra Puranik, Council Member of the Edogawa Ward Assembly for the PYP event.

The entire event was planned and coordinated by Ms. Sarbani Choudhry, Ms. Tomoko Kushida, Mr. Justin Diraviam, Mr. Thomas Marsilin and Ms. Satomi Ahmad respectively.

The students participated in a Zumba drill and a variety of class races. The parents were thrilled to see their wards taking part in various sports competitions. Both the Guests of Honor thanked the spectators and informed them that they thoroughly enjoyed the event.

Grades 6-12 event began with the march past and all the four houses (Chrysanthemum, Hibiscus, Orchid, and Sunflower) of the school took part. After the march past, and the oath taking by the school’s Sports Captain, Reo Amemiya of IGCSE 9, the Guest of Honor, Ms. Tomoko Seki, declared the Annual Sports Meet open.

Dr. Sandeep Singh, school’s Vice Principal declared the winners of the Best House and the Best March Past trophies.

The school’s Associate Director of Operations, Mr. Prashant Bafna and Principal, Ms. Rajeswary Sambathrajan were also present at the event.

The Guest of Honor awarded medals and trophies to all the winners.

The School Captain, Dhvani Patil of 9 IGCSE, delivered the vote of thanks.

The trophies awarded this year were in the order of:

Best House Trophy:

Chrysanthemum House

1st runner-up - Sunflower House


Best March Past Trophy:

Orchid House

1st runner-up - Sunflower House

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