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October 15, 2019

Victory of Good over Evil; Dussehra celebrations at GIIS

Global Indian International School (GIIS) SMART Campus, Hadapsar began the festive celebrations by celebrating Dussehra in full swing with the students.

The celebrations aimed at educating students about the evil that resides inside every human and how one should overcome it to be successful in life. Children understood that by destroying the evil that exists within oneself, they can achieve happiness and internal peace.

Students created Ravana's body and decorated it with balloons, each balloon represented an evil/negative quality. School teachers Mrs Sadaf & Mrs Swati narrated the story behind the celebration of this festival and explained why people burn Ravana's effigies every year. Later each child was asked to burst a balloon with a toothpick, the act signified killing of a particular ill quality.

Children screamed out "I am killing ____ in me" before bursting the balloon. This activity taught the students that in a battle between right and wrong, righteousness will always win.

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