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September 30, 2023

Unveiling the Unforgettable Moments spent in September

Festive filled greetings to all Parents, 

The month of September heralds the beginnings of festivities across all communities, thus creating and strengthening the cultural harmony that is very unique to our country. This is best experienced within a school’s  ecosystem.

Continuing with our yearly tradition of welcoming Lord Ganesha to the campus, we once again invited His divine presence among us, acknowledging Him as our Guide and Guardian, the remover of life's obstacles.

“A successful tomorrow belongs to those who prepare today”.

 This month saw the completion of our Semester 1 exams for all segments. Inculcating the importance of a continuous review methodology can never be undermined especially amongst our young creative learners and this is what our periodic exams aimed to achieve.

Any comprehensive review system relies on timely feedback. Therefore, parent-teacher meetings were scheduled immediately after the exams, enabling collaborative efforts between parents, students, and teachers to implement necessary corrective measures.


Sports are symbolic to life. Students find a sense of belonging and accomplishment through individual sports and team dynamics. Life requires teamwork, discipline, resiliency, respect, compassion and character & Sports can develop these Life - skills in them.

As our nation's athletes continue to make us proud by securing medals in various sporting events at the ongoing Asian Games 2023, our campus students have also actively participated and earned accolades in various inter-school categories, including basketball, football, karate, and more. As we move into the second half of the academic year 2023-24, I am eagerly anticipating more milestones and celebrations ahead. Together, as one big family, may we continue to aim for limitless achievements

Warm Regards,

Dr. D. Lakshmi Prasanna,



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